Bunion Corrector
Bunion Corrector
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Bunion Corrector

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You're Not Alone

Up to 1 in 3 Americans have bunions. The foot problem is more common in older adults, especially women. Bunions can form on one or both feet. Bunions are caused by the pressure from the way you walk (foot mechanics) or the shape of your foot (foot structure) causes your big toe to bend in toward the second toe. Bunions happen gradually over time. 

The Bunion Corrector Helps You

The Bunion Corrector helps ease bunion pain by reducing friction, irritation, and pressure on the bunion joints with a luxuriously cushy gel design.

Works On Both Feet 

The bunion corrector can be adjusted to work on both the right and left foot.

Orthopedic Benefits

  • Protect the bunion, relieve the pain of the big toe
  • Soft material reduces friction between toes and shoes
  • Comfort the bone of hallux valgus and corns
  • Reduces toe and foot discomfort
  • Stretches and aligns toes
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Straighten bent toes
  • Realign the joint toe
  • Improve foot strength
  • Bunion relief